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Film Theory: Joker Ending Explained (ft. Pitch Meeting)

The Film Theorists

The Film Theorists

Published on 4 Okt 2019

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Check out Screen Rant for more Pitch Meetings! ► https://bit.ly/29BSJBI This video is not sponsored but we want to thank Warner Bros. Pictures for bringing us out to see this movie... twice! This video contains spoilers! I've seen the new Joker movie a few times now and, oh boy, does it make my Theorist brain go! There is SO MUCH to this movie and because of that I want to break down the full movie - especially that ending! If you were confused about what was real and what was only in the mind of our titular character, I've got you covered!  Don't miss a Film Theory! ► http://bit.ly/1dI8VBH   #Joker #Batman #Joker2019 #JokerTrailer #EndingExplained #JokerEnding #Ending #Explained #FilmTheory #Matpat Need Royalty Free Music for your Content? Try Epidemic Sound. Get Your 30 Day Free Trial Now ► http://share.epidemicsound.com/ MORE FILM THEORIES How Disney RUINED Han Solo! ► https://bit.ly/31qFsoz How Luke Will Die! (Star Wars) ► https://bit.ly/2OPjGJM Rey's Parents SOLVED! (Star Wars) ► https://bit.ly/2ZH9ow9 The Emoji Movie is ILLEGAL! ►► https://bit.ly/2ZPkXSa Don’t Fly to Mordor!! ►► https://bit.ly/2GaMV4J Credits: Writer: Matthew Patrick Editors: Dan "Cybert" Seibert, Koen Verhagen, Alex "Sedge" Sedgwick, and BanditRants   Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

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